My name is Simmi Sen, a 17-year-old entrepreneur with big dreams and passion for streetwear and social change. This is just the beginning...

There are many things that don't mix well. Different colored socks on two different shoes, polka dots and stripes, chocolate covered chips and more. Even though they break known established norms, there is genius in such daring mixes of contrast. Beyond beauty, this raw and natural art form expresses bold messages that defy barriers of social norms, race, and gender. This is what attracted me to streetwear. 

From an early age, after hundreds of traditional paintings in pastels and oil paintings, I learned digital art in Adobe. My instinct to share my art became entrepreneurial towards founding my company. I founded Tints to mix in a whole new element of class in streetwear, by contrasting dark art with a balance of sophistication to make it more beautiful and interesting. My art is represented in my graphic designs in both screen printed and hand embroidery form. 

Tints began as a remote initiative during Covid to educate 16 orphan girls in Bangladesh when their school stopped and translated to a pipeline to get vocational training, earned income and end generational poverty. Girls learned how to use Adobe to make streetwear designs.

The clothing material we use is of the highest quality. I guarantee you won't find a hand embroidery t-shirt with the level of detail and craftsmanship, and most importantly love ♡